Saturday, November 24, 2007

mi otra mitad. besoo<3

lets just say lastnight was amazing(: iloveyou baby.

i love you(: yes it took us 3 months to get to where we are now, and it has been such a rollercoaster ride. i know during those 3 months it was hell for us. but baby we still made it through. and i'm surprised that we've never given up on each other, and kept on fighting and fighting our way through. yes i know you were scared that i'd listen to what other pepople say about you, cause you told me that most of your past relationship got screwed cause of what the others say to you ex-gfs. remember i told you a while back that i won't ever let anything or anyone get in the way and you told me to prove it to you? and guess what i did baby, i did.

my sister said a whole load of crap about you to me, but i never let her get to me cause it's my life you know, and it's my decision.i know you better than she does. i was taken aback when a friend whom i trusted said alot of things that hurt me really bad, i mean we've been friends for quite a long time and he'd rather listen to a stupid rumour and start assuming and believing things that weren't even true. i asked you about it cause it got me really upset, and for awhile i didn't know who to believe, but when you told me what really happened, i understood and just left it. but the person that really dissapointed me was my own sister, she was the person who i thought would support me no matter what. but i'm over it now, cause i got what i want and that's you.

i sacrificed alot to be with you, and it's worth it. you made me forget about my past, that i thought i couldn't ever let go off. and i thank you for that, cause my past really made me feel pessimistic and hopeless. muah i love you (:

okay enough with that. baby, baby, baby. you amaze me, i amaze you, we amaze each other. haha that was random. when i'm with you i feel so comfortable and secure. it's like i can do anything i want without feeling embarassed. i love it when i kiss/smell your neck and you'll start laughing cause it tickles and then while you laugh you tend to snort. silly boy!

i love you baby boy(:

Thursday, November 22, 2007

english roadshow.

i had to miss netball training today): and it sucked really bad. this morning i wanted to skip the english roadshow, but me, meerah and fii were caught by the principle. it was hilarious, basically the story was were sitting at the bench near the canteen, trying to kill time. and then the principal just popped out of nowhere like a FAT bunny popping out of it's hole(yeah she's fat and short. i know i'm mean but seriously she looks like a fat lil bunny), and then started giving us lectures. it was funny how the girls got really scared, i mean REALLY scared.

so unfortunately we had to miss netball): and the game is like on saturday and shit.. ooo, and tomorrow i have drama rehearsals. the form 4 students are working on a play called 'MACBETH', i took part in the audition and i got a part as a narrator, cause thats the only one i auditioned for. and the play's gonna be on the 1st of DECEMBER. which is sooon; real soon. too bad they won't allow outsiders. dontchu find it ridiculous? cause i doo.

sorry, if i bore you guys with all my boring posts.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


i have friends now(: YAY. haha, but i'm still a loner in class. so yeah, we had netball training to day, we played a match again SAPPHIRE, they're known to be the best team in school, and guuess what WE BEATT THEM, harrrrd (: tomorrow we don't have netball training, and im still thinking if i should go to school or not, we dont have lessons.
yesterday sayang came over(: and i was reallly happy and excited at the same time cause we havent seen each other for over 3 days. LAMAAA kann? we avoided seeing each other during those 3 days cause we were both really sick. mhmm, there's nothing to talk about really. /: nowadays, i've been locked up in my room. and you have no idea how BORED and LONELY i was ): don't you guys feel sorry for me? cause i felt sorry for my selff HAHA, cause nada kawan (: you can say it if you want. LONER.
oh, oh . dedek's done with her o'level exams. and she's already having her holiday. and now im waiting for mine, so i can go out without worrying that i have school the next day. i really miss her.
HAHAHAH something hilarious happened. well i think its hilarious, i just say a male gheko chasing a female gheko. HAHA palui lagi the sound yang male gheko buatt. its really annoying. i think it's like the mating season for ghekos.

Monday, November 19, 2007

sakit naman.

got back home from school around 3+ tadi. had netball and literature. i injured myself during netball just now, and my right hand is swollen. and hopefully, it'll get better before netball training tomorrow. hehe yeah, i guess im addicted to netball.
i just realised that there were alot of grammatical error in my previous, didnt bother to run through it yesterday..

Sunday, November 18, 2007

what's really going on, you ask?

do you really wanna know what's going on with my life right now? actually, i insist on telling you(:

well i moved back to the city 2 months ago, and i got accepted into STPRI. STPRI's not to bad i guess, but dayyum those girls judge people too much. but it's all good, i don't reallly want to get involve with those type of people. as you all know, im in form 4. i'm suppose to be in year 12 by now. LONGG STORYYY.. and im friends with 14-15 year olds. and im 17(: so basically im friends with kids, and im way way older them em'. but i still try my best to fit it and shit, but you know my the mates are not on the same thinking level as me. when i get to class all i doo i settle on my desk and read my book. basically the only thing that the kids do in class is talk about how they hate this girl blah, blah, blah. and i admit i used to do that, but i don't really do it anymore cause i've seriously got better things to do then talk shit about people. yes maybe i judged a couple of girls in my new school, but i stopped doing that cause it's useless really. sooo, i aven't got anything against any of the girls in school, including the girl who stares alot..(: so thats the school life. I'M A LONER, and it's coo'.
Love life??? ITS BEEN AMAZING(: right baby? i love you <3.>
oh btw, ive been sick for 2 days now. my throat is really sore): and ive got a netball match tomorrow, got accepeted into the team( i'm in jade). didn't know netball is so much fun(:

bare with me.

ok so im new with blogger. i used to have a livejournal, but stopped using it cause lost my password.

it's been awhile since i last blogged. my previous blog was some what depressing. but now i'm over that phase. i'm having the time of my life right now. alota of things has changed this year, when i say alottt it's alot i tell you.